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How is Bird Flu Different from Swine Flu?

How is Bird Flu Different from Swine Flu? Health administrators around the world continue to observe the swine flu occurrence that takes place within the past month, comparisons with the episodic bird flu occurrence over the past decade. The bird flu failed to be proved as a complete deadly disease, should we bother about swine flu? And the answer

Who is at risk from H1N1 swine flu?

IIn most cases, the United States, the novel H1N1 flu in children and young adults. Lower than the seasonal flu virus and the bug is not ready or would change as the pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza virus. But some groups, in particular, a high risk of serious illness or poor results, if they get the

Flu Facts to Keep Your Kids Safe

There are many flu facts that you should be aware of. Many people and young children are at risk for the flu this year. If you have a baby or and child that is younger than nine years old, the swine flu H3N2 could be a very difficult flu that will affect them. And, there

Cause of Swine Flu

Flu viruses on the outer surface proteins of virus species. The two most important proteins in the hem agglutinin (H) and weight (N). This is the case of the swine flu virus H1N1 2009 virus. In fact, despite the fact that swine influenza is a term frequently used to describe flu virus H1N1, the new

Swine flu pandemic

Often the subject of flu, especially in the model. The flu each year in the winter, the increasing number of cases of seasonal flu. As one can see a lot of people are suffering from the disease. Approximately 1% of those who have suffered will probably die, which is usually a secondary bacterial infection of

Swine Flu Classification

Human pandemic flu and swine flu, there are three types of swine flu two with influenza A being common in pigs and influenza C being rare. Influenza B dose not appear in the swine flu epidemic. In pigs and humans in General, however, the nature of the swine flu strain c, because another transfer of genes to a horse

Swine Flu Shot Side Effects

Swine flu shot side effects have really gotten headlines this year and last. The world has not seen flu like the swine flu in a very long time. It’s often confused with the seasonal flu because many of the symptoms are similar. But many people do ask how serious is the swine flu? For many people the

Swine flu symptoms

There are many symptoms of H1N1 virus. It is one of the scariest health related problems during the winter season. It is a new strain of the common seasonal flu and so many people are scared to think about yet another type of flu. If you know what to expect from this flu, you can

Flu Symptoms in Children

Lately there has been much talk about a new type of flu called the swine flu or H1N1. The swine flu affects the same high risk groups as the seasonal flu. If you have a baby our child under the age of nine, the swine flu or the seasonal flu could turn serious for them

Swine Flu Symptoms and Signs

The dírect transmission of swine flu ín humans, sometimes possible (called zoon tíc swine flu). In 1958, the first 50 messages after the submíssíon of the medícal líterature, ín all cases, resulted ín a total of síx deaths. These síx men, was pregnant, ít was not any leukemía and Lymphoma must be known to the