Swine Flu Shot Side Effects

SwineSwine flu vaccine side effects flu shot side effects have really gotten headlines this year and last. The world has not seen flu like the swine flu in a very long time. It’s often confused with the seasonal flu because many of the symptoms are similar. But many people do ask how serious is the swine flu?

For many people the symptoms could be relatively mild. However, there are others where the symptoms have been quite severe, including death. The feeling may be like the something heavy landed on you and you can’t get up.

There are many symptoms, just like the regular flu, including: cough, sore throat, fever, nausea
and vomiting. There are many over the counter drugs that you can take to reduce the severity of
the symptoms. In fact, there was a shortage of Tamiflu and Relenza when the swine flu made the
headlines a year ago. However, these products in particular need to be used within 48 hours of
feeling the flu in order for them to have any effect. Then there are many who would rather get a
shot, but are worried about the swine flu shot side effects.

The population that is most at risk for swine flu includes children and those people aged 25 – 50,
pregnant women and very young infants. This is also true for those who have a comprised
immune system. If you’re in this high risk group, you could experience a more severe form of this
virus. Outside of dying, there have been many victims who have been hospitalized for this very
serious flu.

It’s been noted that the respiratory system is affected by this flu. But because it’s a relatively new strain, it doesn’t generally penetrate too deeply to affect your lungs.

A doctor is best consulted to tell you whether your symptoms are swine flu or not. Do not give
aspirin to a child if you suspect he/she has swine flu. It could lead to a serious condition called Reyes syndrome.

Although there have been a lot of really sick people from the swine flu, the number of cases is still
lower than those who have contracted the seasonal flu. Which means you have a better chance of
getting the seasonal flu over the swine flu?

There are enough cases now that doctors can tell pretty readily whether you have swine flu. But
the most positive result will come from taking a swab sample.

Of course, the best way to avoid the swine flu is to stay away from anyone who is suspected of
having it. This is not always practical, but is certainly worth the effort. Short of that, you should get
vaccinated because the swine flu shot side effects are nothing to be concerned about.

Are you worried about side effects of this vaccine? Have you received this year its swine flu shot? Please share your opinion in the comments box!


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