7 Flu Complications

7 Flu Complications- How to treat at home?



Flu is never suitable for any, especially the elderly.

Flu, caused by the influenza virus, is the most widespread disease in the world. Due to the decrease in intensity of its germs and the development of immunity in individuals, the infection is no longer taken seriously, and some people even do not use any medication for it.

Little do they know this influenza can cause them numerous long-term problems if not treated well. Frequent flu spells on a person are never good as they may weaken your body. The virus may also find a chance to mutate inside you and become resistant to a medication you were previously using.

7 Flu Complications and their cure

Flu is never suitable for any, especially the elderly. Their body is already weak, and the flu might cause some added problems for them. Since it has no particular medicine, it becomes difficult to control its spread among the elderly.

Specific remedies used against the flu are very effective in controlling the infection. In some well-being centers for the elderly, these remedies form a part of hourly home care to cure the ones affected by the flu and avoid catching it for others.

Flu brings in numerous complications that can be cured through remedies. Some of the difficulties and their cure are mentioned in the list below;


Have you ever noticed that in the flu, your throat gets dried up frequently, and you feel more thirsty? This is because your nostrils are mostly blocked, and you have to breathe through your mouth, which causes the moisture in your throat and mouth to dry up. Another reason for dehydration may be a rise in body temperature and the sweating it may cause, leading to water loss.

It is advised to keep yourself well-hydrated during the flu. Caffeinated are not recommended since they are diuretics. Using herbal tea with honey can calm your nose and throat while providing moisture.

Upper respiratory tract infection

Frequent coughing and sneezing may invite some upper respiratory tract infections, making breathing and speaking even more difficult for you. The infection may even cause a slightly swollen neck region and fever off and on.

To avoid the infection, it is better to have ample chicken soup to ease your throat and provide a soothing effect to your whole body so that the organs under tension due to the infection may ease up. Chicken soup also has many proteins that help you recover well.

Sore Body/ Body aches

Flu causes a unique body pain that feels like a truck ran over your body. You may not be able to move around how you usually did and may feel extremely tired while performing your daily tasks.

It is harrowing to have this body ache, and it is entirely not to feel like doing work because of it. If your body and mind tell you to rest, you may sleep well so that your body can ease up and the pain can be subsided.


A blocked nose and throat are significant flu problem that makes one extremely irritable. It causes difficulty in breathing, swallowing, and speaking, as your voice may sometimes disappear due to the blockage. In this condition, you must breathe moist air to curb congestion.

It is advised to take steam at least twice a day with a little added. Ensure you do not enter into cold air directly after taking steam, or you may have the worst headache. You may drape your head with a towel before placing your face at a proper distance from a pot carrying hot water. Once you are done, drape your face with a towel and rest in the blanket for some time.

Dry Skin

Many people experience dry or scaly skin during the flu. The skin around the nose is the worst victim of the flu. The skin is worn out because of the frequent use of tissue papers that make your skin rough. You may apply a small quantity of oil on your skin to make it less scaly.

Headache/ sinus pain

Headache and the arrival of sinus pain can be torture in the flu. If you put a warm damp cloth over your head, it may ease the pain for you.

Thick mucus

Inflammation in cells around your throat may cause an excess release of mucus that is very thick and causes you to choke. Gargling warm water with salt can reduce the inflammation of the cells and, in turn, reduce mucus production.

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