Differences Between Cold symptoms and Flu Symptoms

Differences to Cold and Flu symptoms Those who think they have the flu, you should visit your doctor to confirm the specific test you are suffering from the flu and the common cold. Here are the differences between a cold and the flu:


The cold usually not fever. Fever is gradually or in the sinuses or ears, especially for children in developing general infection. Wicked fever which often comes at the beginning and very large. Most people feel, is OK, and the development of and then all of a sudden fever and other flu symptoms at the same time.


People who have a cold, it may seem a little cold, but usually does not warm. The flu will have a fever of people. In my opinion, anyone who does not get enough heat, even if you’re in the store, and they are in bed or profession outside the covers. The flu, people have episodes of sweating, such as changing the fever.

Cough, Congestion and Headache

The call is not usually productive wet cough. Influenza produces mainly dry, barren, dry cough. Congestion, sneezing, and throat, the common symptoms, colds and headaches and discomfort in the chest and flu symptoms.

Body Aches and Fatigue

A common cold make a man can feel, clean, and maybe a little unhealthy. The flu is so tired and exhausted. Pain that you feel in your body. This can damage the end of the bed, or go to the toilet. The flu may infect the lungs and joints


Unlike the common cold, over time, can lead to other symptoms, such as winter worsens the symptoms of the flu, usually comes in two hours. People with colds often experience symptoms of relapse after a few days or a week or more. Flu symptoms can occur suddenly. A man can be anchors for three to six hours after feeling the first symptom.


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