7 healing food for colds and flu.

How we are protected against colds and flu? Even if we took all measures, including to put the flu vaccine to wash our hands regularly to drink vitamins – 100% st no insurance. However, if we catch flu, colds, cough and temperature, there are several healing food for colds and flu with which to fight against colds and flu.

Chicken soup against flu

Chicken soup

This warm and delicious soup, not accidentally called natural penicillin and leads in all charts reaching because of its healing powers. Chicken soup clears airways heated and nutritious broth gives extra strength, and help him cope with the fku, cold and other disease. Add enough vegetables, not forgetting of onions and garlic, for extra healing power.

Chili and spicy food vs flu and col

Chili and spicy food

Some people swear by the properties of garlic, horseradish, chili sauce and other spices to unblock the nose and relieve colds. So plug in your menu or other traditional Indian food that contains those ingredients or simply add hot sauce to your meal for an additional effect.

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Garlic protect us flum flu and cold


These bulbs contain aromatic agent alliin, which acts as a powerful decongestant. It is also considered that garlic acts as an antioxidant and destroy free radicals, active oxygen molecules that damage cells. So do not hesitate and generously add it to your favorite foods.

Liquids against dehydration


Keep hydrated by drinking enough fluids. Instead of coffee and fizzy, sugary drinks, drink lots of water and fresh juices. Warm drinks also act very well, so do your pot of herbal tea of chamomile or peppermint, which can put a spoonful of honey and a few slices of lemon.

increase your intake of vitamin C

Citrus fruits


Eat your citrus fruits to increase your intake of vitamin C. Drink a glass of orange juice for breakfast, eat half grepfrut, make a fruit salad with kiwi and mandarin salad seasoned with lemon instead of vinegar.

Prevention of colds and flu

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients needed by the body and fortunately, widespread in its natural form. Prevention of colds and flu, to the recovery of tissues, bones and blood vessels. It also helps the body to synthesize calcium and other minerals, increases our energy, mood, helps with headaches and improves brain function. Besides citrus fruits, it can get Vitamin C and strawberries, papaya and kiwi. Peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and dark-green leafy vegetables are also a good source of this valuable vitamin.

ginger root helps treat the flu and colds


Many people believe that fresh ginger root helps treat cough and fever that often accompanies the flu and colds. You can make ginger tea, pour boiling water 2 tablespoons freshly grated ginger and let it soak for 5-10 minutes so. Drink it warm.

Create a healthy diet


Daily consumption of foods high in fat, sugar, skipping meals and much caffeine makes us more susceptible to diseases such as colds and flu. Make sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat proteins to maintain a strong immune system. Create a healthy diet with nutritious and powerful food be your body ready to fight against flu, cold and the annoying disease.

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