Who is at risk from H1N1 swine flu?

who is at risk from h1n1 swine fluIIn most cases, the United States, the novel H1N1 flu in children and young adults. Lower than the seasonal flu virus and the bug is not ready or would change as the pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza virus.

But some groups, in particular, a high risk of serious illness or poor results, if they get the flu:

Pregnant women will likely flu six times more serious illness is not for pregnant women.
• Small children in particular in 2 years
• Treatment of persons with asthma.
• COPD and other chronic lung conditions
• Persons with cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure)
• Persons, liver problem
• Kidney problems
• Blood diseases, including sickle cell disease in people
• People with disabilities
• People neurologic disease
• Metabolic Disorders, including diabetes-people
• Persons, HIV drugs and the bottom to disable the immune system, cancer, including chemotherapy or medicine, expulsion, such as organ transplantation.
• Residents in nursing homes or long-term care center
• Older people at risk of severe influenza. Swine flu cases are observed in a relatively small number of people over the age of 65.
These groups of people who are looking for influenza, the health care provider immediately.
Those people who have the swine flu, the number of serious adverse reactions linked to this. While most of the extremely obese people suffering from respiratory diseases, diabetes or obesity now a poor cause of serious flu pandemic H1N1 2009.

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