Flu Facts to Keep Your Kids Safe

Flu Symptoms in ChildrenThere are many flu facts that you should be aware of. Many people and young children are at risk for the flu this year. If you have a baby or and child that is younger than nine years old, the swine flu H3N2 could be a very difficult flu that will affect them. And, there are many complications from it as well. You can learn how to take care of your child and keep them safe during this winter season.

The swine flu H3N2 is a very tricky influenza. It is transmitted pretty easily from person to person. If you happen to touch something that has been infected say by a person who has the flu, you could become infected as well. This is especially true if you touch your nose or your mouth or eyes. You can bring that virus into your body.

If you understand basic flu facts and how children get the flu, you’ll be better prepared. The thing about babies is that they don’t know any better to not touch their noses or mouths. They are constantly doing these things. One way to protect your child is to keep their hands and feet clean all the time. Don’t forget that they are always putting their feet onto surfaces as well. And, then they’ll also put their feet in their mouths! If they do come down with a cold, they are more susceptible to the flu. This makes it more difficult for them to fight off any other infection.

Young kids never like to wash anything, let alone their hands. Just ask any parent how many times they have to scold their children to wash their hands. You should always have some type of sanitizer around, especially when your kids bring their friends over to play. One never knows what viruses, influenza or even swine flu they could introduce into your house. Sanitizers are best when there is no running water and soap available. This is especially true in the classrooms. These sanitizers do kill germs.

Follow the instructions of the school and / or whatever daycare your child goes to in order to fight off the chance of getting swine flu. If there is any suspicion that the school or children in the school have swine flu H3N2 or “Txas” as it is also called, make sure to keep your child home. Remind your child to stay away from kids who are coughing or sneezing. That is just plain smart.

If you are the primary care giver to your child and you get sick, you’ll need to find someone else who can care for your child. It may very well be a struggle but it will definitely help in keeping your child safe.

It is advisable to have young kids get the swine flu vaccination. The nice thing this year is that the swine flu vaccination is now combined with the seasonal flu vaccination. So, there is no need to get two of them. The shot is very safe for any child from age two upward to even people in the sixties.

The nasal spray is also available and can be used instead of the shot. The difference is that the spray has a live virus rather than an inactivated on in the shot. It’s best that the children in the range of two to nine get two doses of the vaccination.

Children really are most at risk to get swine flu. You have the ability to keep them safe just by following some simple rules for flu prevention and understanding the flu facts. And, make sure to get them vaccinated as soon as possible.

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