Revitalise Your Skin with Five Essential Tips

Revitalise Your Skin with Five Essential TipsWhen skin care is a concern, less isn’t always more. Everyone has a different skin tone so not all serums, masks and crafted serums are suitable even if they’re beneficial to you! Dermatologists have highlighted three essential steps for all skin types namely; cleansing, toning and moisturising and each must be carried out properly. The tips mentioned below come from skincare experts and probably benefit all skin types so you better try all or least one.


Buy a skin cleanser of a renowned brand and apply twice in a day over your face however harsh cleansers aren’t preferred. Purpose is to remove dirt; excess oil and germ film from a skin whereas excess acidic cleansers severely damage facial skin, possibly causing dryness and rash. Harsh cleansers damage “Acid mantle”, a thin films that protects skin so be careful or consult your dermatologist.
Most foaming cleansers contain surfactants that leaves your facial skin feeling tight, squeaky clean and excess dry so do check the label and active ingredients when buying one. Gentle solutions like cleansing balms, oils and creams are excellent option. Remember, if “acid mantle” is damaged, your skin is vulnerable to number of disorders like blemishes, rash or worse; eczema.

Spritz Using a Face Mist/Toner

After cleanser, skin surface is slightly imbalanced so what you need is a balancing toner to quickly adjust pH level and prevent dryness or excess oily skin. Ensure you’ve properly washed cleansing solution from luke-warm water before following this step. Next, spritz your face with a fine quality toner with soaked cotton pad but be gentle. Apply the solution to entire facial skin leaving no spot untouched. A face mist that can be your moisturiser, face oil or serum can be an alternate to toner.

Facial Oils are Good

Facial oils have gained prominence and more people are learning about their benefits. Regardless of the skin type, everyone can apply and benefit from these facial oils but consult dermatologist is always good. The best time to apply facial oils is after cleansing and toning while your skin is still moist. Rub a few drops on your palm and gently pat on your face, don’t rub! Continue till it’s applied all over the skin.

Be Gentle around the Eyes

It’s strongly advised not to apply any sort of solution, cleanser or oil around the eyes as this is the most delicate part of a skin. Only take particular eye product whether a cream, serum or gel. Take pea-size amount on your finger and gently massage around the eyes. Make sure it doesn’t make contact directly with the eyes that causes possible infection or reddening. While massaging, do so in counter-clockwise as it improves circulation.

Eat Healthy

A healthy diet is also secret remedy for a perfect skin and what appears on the outside is a result of internal effects. Eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables not only maintains your immune system but keeps a perfect physique and healthy skin. Natural grown foods are free of chemical and preservatives don’t clog arteries or manifest your complexion in any way. Drink at-least eight glasses of water per day to flush toxin out of your body that keeps your skin radiant.

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These are a few health and beauty tips provided by Petite Lady Urinary Incontinence which can be followed without frequent visits to beautician.


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