Flu shots symptoms

What is flu shots symptoms

Flu shots symptoms Flu is most commonly as gastric flu and stomach. The medical term of stomach flu is gastroenteritis. Since there are no 100 % effective treatments against the flu, all you can do is combat the symptoms associated with the flu, or as an alternative you can get a flu shot taken.

There are a lot of rumors against effectiveness of flu shots. The decision that a flu shot is effectively against flu is also greatly biased. Recently it was on the news that flu vaccine has a small amount of mercury in it. Mercury is the most toxic element next to plutonium. How can we tell that it is totally safe?

U.S health officials have been screaming over and over again that swine flu vaccine is totally safe and that there are no side effects associated with it. However, its validity seems to be doubted by the mass. And why not, people have been taking flu shots and H1N1 Vaccine to ward off the flu and they are still getting it.
Flu shot symptoms include redness and swelling in the shot-taken area. Soreness is also another significant flu shots symptom.

Physicians say that it usually takes about 15 days after taking the flu shot for a person to develop immunity against the flu. However, people have had complains of getting more severe symptoms after having taken flu shots. They have gone as far as to associate these with flu shot symptoms.

A paralyzing condition (rare) “Guillain-Barre” is also associated to flu shot symptoms with Swine Flu Shot Side Effects. However in a dearth of a medication it cannot be discarded that the reported flu shot symptoms are minor ones. The fear of the side effects of the flu shot and probable flu shots symptoms should not keep you from getting a flu shot. This could be your viable alternative. Provided you have no allergies or medical conditions, you can take a flu shot. This is good for anyone over the age of six months.

The flu shot that is administered through your arm, is comprised of dead virus. This is a must to be administered if you workforce obliges you to come in acquaintance with a lot of people. For instance, if you work in a health-care facility, hospital or a nursing home a flu shot becomes a necessity for you, let not the flu shot symptoms keep you from doing what’s vital to you.

If you are a school or college going student, or an active member of the armed services you should get a flu shot regardless of what the flu shots symptoms may be. Let face the reality here, it’s better than death, isn’t it?

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