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What is flu

What is flu in reality? When and how flu spreads ? What are the flu symptoms and which groups are most at risk? The flu (influenza) is an acute infectious disease which occurs in isolation, epidemic and pandemic ( widespread ). It is caused by several viruses (A, B, C) and usually affects the airway.

Everything about flu symptoms

Incubation period, manifestation, treatment duration, flu prevention, utility diets. Which strains of influenza are most common during this flu season. What vaccines should use. What complications can occur after infection with these influenza strains.

What Are Flu Symptoms

The symptoms are similar to flu infection can begin as soon as possible after a day or two. The first flu symptoms are usually a bad or a good feeling but also a fever of 38-39 ° c (approximately 100-103 ° F) temperature of the body and the early stage of infection. A lot of people so

Differences Between Cold symptoms and Flu Symptoms

 Those who think they have the flu, you should visit your doctor to confirm the specific test you are suffering from the flu and the common cold. Here are the differences between a cold and the flu:  Fever The cold usually not fever. Fever is gradually or in the sinuses or ears, especially for children